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What Do We Do?

We aim to support carers of people living in the Ringwood area:-

  • with physical, mental or sensory dif´Čüculties or illness, or incapacity through old age
  • to provide a focus for carers across all groups
  • to promote the needs of carers
  • to identify need and work with agencies to develop appropriate services
  • to offer information regarding carers and support for carers

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When do we do it?

You can find us in the Trinity Centre in Ringwood on the morning of the second Thursday of every month, from 10.30am to noon.

What is available?

  • Useful information and advice - a Carer Support worker is generally available
  • People for listening
  • People with similar problems to talk to
  • Coffee and biscuits
  • Time for chatting and relaxing
  • Speakers
  • Outings

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Who are we here for? We are we here for people who care for someone else

We offer a friendly environment , where you can relax, talk about your problems if you wish, or about anything else for a change.

You can moan about your lot - weep, even, if you need to - but we can also try to help you to feel more positive.

And it would be a very surprising morning when no laughter was heard!

People who are cared for

You can come with your friend or relative. You can stay together, or each sit apart with someone else.

Building For The Future

At present we meet once a month.

Sometimes we invite speakers for the group as a whole. Sometimes we invite special advisers who will help members on a one-to-one basis.

We also run outings, sometimes for carers only, sometimes open to the people they care for as well.

Go to our News page to see what is coming up up soon

As the group grows, we shall discover other needs and how we can help in more ways. We hope to be able to organise a choice of meeting days or times.

Please let us have your suggestions.

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What our friends say


A very cheerful, supportive group of people, many of whom cope with difficult circumstances.


I enjoy a morning to myself away from caring and speaking to people in the same position. Everyone is very friendly and I enjoy the days out on trips.

David and Susan

This is a lifeline for us. Your caring and love is so important. We always look forward to your greeting. Thank you.


Very friendly group - often speakers visit with helpful information. Although no longer a carer, I hopefully can share past experiences with those just starting out as a carer.


A lovely escape for a chat and a cuppa, and the follow up when the caring ends is always there.

An anonymous card was posted through the Chairman's door at Christmas

We don't always say thank you or we can't always say thank you but without you we could not manage. You give the reason to keep going so bless you on behalf of everyone you care for, I am one of them. For past carers and present, we love you, God bless and keep you always.


Louis Litt

Louis is creative director of the Advertising Make Sense inc. He is responsible for the lastest award winning commercials.

We've tried to find the right creative tools in the past, but now we've found your products, the search ends. Thanks.


Mike Ross

Mike is an intern of the Global Important Business Group. He works together with Rachel Zane to improve the workflow.

After recommending your products for the company, I will get a very good job offer when I finish my internship.

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